Thursday, May 2, 2013

Miss Nicole

Out with the old and in with the new!

Every morning at 7 am my best friend walks over to my house to do Insanity with me. I am not sure how I talked her into it but I am so glad that she is making this change with me! 
Today I was talking about how my scale is a piece of crap and how it tells me my weight then 30 seconds later it says I have gained or lost 2 lbs. 
A little after our workout this morning she came over and brought me a new scale!
How lucky am I! 
She is so awesome and I am so glad that she is doing this with me because honestly if she wasn't at my house every morning then I would be sleeping in till 8 rather than waking up at 6:45! 
Thanks Miss Nicole! (that is what my kids call her!) 
You made my day!

Also, she is blogging too! Read about her journey here!

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  1. yeah. i have no idea how you got me roped in. but we are doing so well! next week we do the fit test again and im excited to see how things have changed!