Thursday, November 21, 2013


I have been MIA for too long! I am feeling inspired and ready for some change in my house! The cheapest way to makeover a room is paint right? Although I love the color in my house right now, we don't get a lot of sunlight which makes the color seam dark. So, since adding windows is a little extreme and I am sure it's expensive,  I decided that I want to repaint a brighter, lighter, color! So I need your help! What is your favorite gray wall color? 

In the mean time, it is time to start working on Kaden's room. Now that he is three, I should probably start taking the baby stuff out of there! Gotta be honest... I am a little sad. My baby isn't such a baby anymore! I am not ready to get rid of any baby stuff, so I will find a nice little place in the garage for it. Shhh.. don't tell Brian! He says we have too much in the garage. 
(He is right, I might be border line hoarder! At least there is a pathway!) 
Anyways, I started with his bedding. I ordered the blue and white rugby bedding collection from Target. Only cost me $30 for the comforter and sham, plus I got free shipping for using my Target card... if you don't have one you should. It's not a credit card, it is linked right up to your checking account. You get free shipping online, 5% discount every time you use it, and it makes returns so easy! You can go here to order the bedding. 

My next project for his room will be from Pinterest. We are going to take out his changing table that is holding his books and toys and replace it with this shelving. What do you think? I can't wait to get started and of coarse I will share all the details with you!