Friday, July 19, 2013

Chicken Prep

Okay, so I have had a few people as me how I prep my chicken that I put on my salads, so I thought I would share! It is pretty easy and I like to do this about once a week. 

I buy the single packaged frozen chicken breast from Costco. I take the frozen chicken out of the packages and fill a pan will hot water. Add the chicken to the hot water and set on the stove. Set the timer for 25 minutes and bring the chicken to a boil. Once it starts boiling I turn the heat down to medium. When the timer goes off I check the chicken to make sure it's done. From here I will either put it in my Kitchen Aid and shred it, or I will let it cool then cut into cubes. I keep the cooked chicken in some tupperware and use it throughout the week for different meals. You can use the chicken for salads, tacos, quesadillas, chicken salad sandwiches, casseroles, or whatever else you can think of to put chicken in. 

Food prep is key for my healthy eating. If I don't have healthy quick food ready to go, then that is when I usually want to go grab something quick from a fast food place. Salads are so quick and easy, I make sure to have chicken and toppings on hand and just throw it all together. 


  1. When you say that you put it in your kitchen aid and shred it, is that a mixer? If so, what attachment do you use?

  2. sometimes i do mine in the crock pot - just make sure you add 1cup of water or so - and all your frozen chicken. i add some seasoning in there - something that can kind of go with anything.

    and i also use my mixer to shred chicken. the other oylers - i have a bosch mixer. and as long as the chicken is straight out of the pot and hot, i use my regular whisks and it shreds the chicken perfectly!

  3. Chanci, like Nicole, I use my kitchen aid mixer with the whisk for about 20 seconds. It's a great little trick to shredding things :)