Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cafe Zupas

I have heard everyone talking about Cafe Zupas and how amazing, healthy and delicious it is... but 

I have never been there before! 
I know! I know! 
Well, lucky for me, my friend Darci invited me to the VIP private party for the new Cafe Zupas opening up on Lake Mead. So I quickly found a babysitter (my sister!) and RSVP'd to the event! Nothing is better than a healthy, free, and delicious date night! It was so much fun and so good

Now I know why everyone talks about it all the time! Everything is fresh and made right in front of you. The food is so colorful, bright, and healthy. 

I ordered the Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Nuts for Berries Salad, a cup of Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup, and the Summer Superfood Pistachio berry Creme Brûlée. 
They had me at superfood! 
Pistachios- promote heart health, reduce cholesterol and is a good source of fiber.
Blackberries- are full of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.
and the Nuts about Berries Salad, how can you go wrong with fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cinnamon almonds, romaine lettuce, and a house-made poppyseed dressing?

It was such a fun night. The people where kind, helpful, and informative. The service was good and quick. The food was so good and healthy! It's nice having a place to eat here in Vegas that is healthy and refreshing especially when it's 110 degrees outside! 
I can't wait to come back! Anyone want to schedule a lunch date? 

The Grand Opening for this Cafe Zupas on Lake Mead and Buffalo is
August 3rd. 
1/2 off of everything plus they will be giving away $25 gift cards every 15 minutes all day!
You don't want to miss out! 

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