Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shape Tape

Have you heard of shape tape by Frogtape? Every time I pass this at Lowes I think to myself that I should get this. Finally, the other day Brian was at Lowes and picked some up for me. Such a good hubby! So I pulled out a few scrap pieces of wood from the mess in my garage and started crafting away. I had no idea what my plan was, I just picked a few colors from my stash of paints and started painting. 

Have any of you tried doing chevron print before? I have and it was a pain! On my old project, I wanted everything even, so I grabbed a ruler and started making staring lines. When all that was done I started making my diagonals to get the chevron shape. It was a pain and took forever! So Frogtape is genius for thinking of this shape tape! Seriously... it is so easy to use and saves so much time!

Here is what I did made with the tape...

1. First paint or stain your piece of wood and let dry. You can find pieces of wood like this at any craft or home improvement store. Use shape tape and cut to fit your piece of wood. Remove the back and stick to your dry piece of wood. Press down firmly all over the tape so the paint doesn't spread. 

2. Paint the areas that are not covered by tape. Make sure to cover everything completely. Then pull the tape off and let dry. 

3. While the paint dries, print a letter from your computer. My printer was out of ink so I traced it from the screen. Ghetto, I know! I didn't want to wait to get to the store to! So after I traced my letter I took some chalk and colored the back of the paper that my letter was on. Then I flipped it over, placed it on the spot that I wanted it and used a pencil to trace the letter. When you remove the paper you should see an outline of your letter. 

4. I used a small brush and painted in the outline of the letter. I also painted the sides of the wood with the same color as my letter. 

5. After letting the paint dry again, I painted the letter and sides with modge podge and covered in glitter. The modge podge will dry clear.

 That was it. This letter K is going into Kambree's room once I find some shelves to put in there. I also decided to do one with a G for our last name.  It was fun, quick, and easy! Plus, I have a ton left over for more projects. I love this tape and you can use it for so many fun and creative things!