Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Disney treats!

My family loves Disneyland! We have been going every year since we were kids. Every time we would hear that we are going to Disneyland, some of the first thoughts in my head were about the treats I was going to eat. 
I plan it out! Churro, Dole Whip, chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, caramel apple, and etc.  
Now that I am the adult I still think about the treats, but now I have to control how many and what treats I get. I try to get a healthy treat and one of my favorites is the fresh mango and lime. 
Mmmm, so good, fresh, and healthy! 
I love the little seasoning packet that comes with it and it turns out that you can buy it from the grocery store. So now I get to enjoy a Disney treat at home! I like to buy my mango's from Costco (pre cut = less mess and I love less mess!), I also love getting my limes there because they are so juicy. 
Next time you go to Disney try it, or even better try it at home!

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