Monday, April 29, 2013

Insanity update and new carpet!

So, I have done and week of Insanity and I feel great! I love how it pushes me to do things that I didn't think my body could do. I thought that because I am not fit or skinny that Insanity would be the death of me, but it isn't! Don't get me wrong, this stuff is no joke, but I love how I feel after I am done!

Even though I am now using this blog to post about my fitness journey, I still want to post about my house and projects that I do. Crafting is my happy place and I want to get back to blogging about it!

About a year ago the kids and I drove to California to visit my parents. Brian stayed home because of work so I left early Friday morning. Roxie, our dog, was left home alone for 8 hours by herself and when Brian walked through the door after work he saw that she chewed a big hole in our carpet! Right in the middle of the room! Ugh! I was so mad that I cried when he called to tell me! We didn't have the money to fix it right away so we bought a rug and covered it up. Fast forward to Easter time this year, we went to California again and had to leave Roxie. We had family look over her but once again she tore the carpet up! I was a little mad this time but more relieved because I knew that we were going to be able to get new carpet! Yay! We think the owners before us had cats and I think the smells in the carpet drove her nuts. We love our Roxie, but if she digs through the new carpet I just might die!

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