Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Here goes everything...

Everyone always says here goes nothing, or I've got nothing to lose but for me I have a lot to lose! I started Insanity yesterday and let me just say that it is insane! It is like everyone says, extremely hard and just crazy! I was really nervous to start but it amazes me how much your body can do if you just push yourself. The fact that I got through it without giving up is huge. Having support from Brian, family, friends and my challenge group is what will keep me going. I am lucky to have a best friend that will be at my house 7:00 am every morning for the next 60 days to do this with me. I will be posting about this journey I am taking and at the end I promise that no matter what I look like I will post my before and after pictures. I have never been more motivated in my life and I am so excited for this lifestyle change that my family is making! If I can do this anybody can!

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