Thursday, September 19, 2013


If you know me, you know that I like to save money any way I can by shopping at garage sales, thrift stores, and the dollar store. 
Most of my Halloween decorations come from there, but as far as looks go.... well they look cheap! 
So I like to give them a little love! 
Over the next couple weeks I will be posting my tips and tricks to decorating for Halloween with dollar store decor. The first one is from the Halloween display that I posted on Instagram today. 
Have you seen it? You should, it's a giveaway that I am doing. Go find me @simplykatiegraham and see how to enter. 

Anyways, I bought some skulls, but they needed some help. I used some Krylon spray paint to give them a less plastic look. 

Once that dried I used some Valspar tintable glaze. It costs about $20 at Lowes, and they can tint it to any color that you want. I bought black and brown about 2 years ago and still have at least half in each can. It will last you a long time. Brush that all over the skull. 

While the glaze is still wet you want to use a rag, napkin, cloth, or paper towel to wipe off all the excess. It doesn't have to look perfect! In fact the the more imperfect it looks the better. Then you just let it dry.

That's it. A few little steps can make this plastic looking dollar store skull look real.

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