Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kitchen Table

A year ago I bought this table from a garage sale site. It was only $30 which was an awesome deal! Thinking that I could have it done in just a few weeks, I decided to sell my old table.
I thought that by selling it and not having a kitchen table would be motivation to get it done... wrong! 
Not having a Kitchen table just made me realize how stupid I was for selling it so quickly. Plus, this table was in such bad shape! It even had "I love Mom" carved in it!

It got cold here, it was never snowing or anything, but it was too cold for me to sit outside and work on the table. The owner before me did such a horrible paint job on the table that it needed to be stripped and sanded. 
After stripping the first chair I knew I needed to call for help!
So, I called my sister-in-law Amanda. I knew that she loved doing this kind of stuff so it was perfect! wrong again! She moved to California so I was left once again to get this table done with no help.

Don't get me wrong, stripping paint isn't hard. I have done it before lots of times, but they are usually flat surfaces. These chairs and legs were going to be the death of me! 

So, I decided to give up and wait until it was warm again plus I had our ward Christmas party to plan which took up a lot of my time.

Spring came.... I went outside and sanded the top of the table! I was so proud of myself! The top of the table had things carved in it and it took me forever to sand! The top was easy though compared to those chairs, I took a look at those chairs and legs and gave up again.

Summer hit. Brian started asking me when our table was going to get done and I said in the Fall. It was way to hot outside to work on this table. I wanted to wait for cooler weather, but one day Nicole came over and said lets work on your table and get it finished. She can get me to do anything (except dance! I don't have rhythm like she does!) So I said okay and we loaded up the table onto a wagon and walked it over to her house. (I miss those days!) She went to town on this table! She is amazing and does such a great job! She did all of the hard part while I sat and kept her company!
Sad I know!

We did make a deal though and she said she would finish my table if we had a girls night and went out with friends dancing at a club! At that point I wanted to call Brian up and have him come pick the table up and take it back to our house... so not me! She convinced me anyways and now I owe her a night out.

Well, fast forward a few days and they ended up moving last minute :( We brought the table back to my house and I was determined to finish it! Brian helped me a lot and we finally got it done!

It is so good to sit at a nice table and have a family dinner! I was getting so sick of using the patio table and chairs.

So I learned a few lessons here...

1. I am a procrastinator, I don't like doing hard things!
2. Next time I will just hire Nicole to paint my table (she takes custom orders!)
3. Next time I wont sell my table until the project is complete!


  1. i like how many cans of stripper are sitting next me!!! that table was a BEAST!!! but it looks so good now!! Nice job!! :o)

    1. I couldn't have done it without you Nicole! You are the best!

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  3. Hey, the top of the table looks great, i was just wondering what did you use on it?

  4. ha! I was just searching on pinterest for some ideas to makeover our table and noticed you have the same table as I do! I painted ours black many years ago (from the honey stained color it was originally) and now I hate it! I'm going to try and strip it and came up with a cool paint theme. Love yours! Nice job!

  5. I also have the same table, handed down to us from my mother in law. We are buying our first home and I cant wait to transform it just like yours! My friend is going to help me too;)